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Concealed Weapon Permit - CCW / CHP - Handgun Safety Training Classes
(Usually the 1st or 2nd Saturday of each month / $75)

Do you want a Concealed Weapons Permit to carry in more than 30 states? Our one-day class is only $75.
We also have advanced, private, and family classes. Glock & AR-15 Armory courses available.
$75 - CCW / Concealed Handgun Permit /Basic Handgun Safety

The Next Class Is:

$75  /  Saturday, June 1st  /  1pm - 4pm

Colorado just passed new horrible gun laws regarding concealed carry and class requirements.
Because of this, all of our classes and dates un
til June have been filled to beat the deadline.
We offer private classes of four (4) people or more after hours (6-9pm) for those interested.

You can even bring your lunch and eat it here if you like.

LOCATION: Here at The Tradesmen Gun Store
128 E 3rd St - Rifle, CO - 81650


There is no shooting in this class. This classroom training covers law & liability, such as where you can and cannot go and what you can and cannot do. It covers Handgun Safety as well as Coloraodo and Federal law. Do not bring any guns or ammo to this class. We have and use non-firing training guns and plastic snap-caps for safety.

Advanced Combat: $75
With everything going on... WAY over-booked...
Your only option now is to pre-pay for a private class. Sorry.
Date: Call (970) 625-GUNS (4867)
Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm
Location: Meet at Tradesmen Gun Store @ 1:00

Defensive Handgun & Defesive Compact Rifle (SBR/PDF/Sub-Gun)
(This means compact or subcompact rifles or sub-guns)
We recommend that you bring at least 100 rounds for each firearm
GLOCK Armory: $75
Date: Call (970) 625-GUNS (4867)

(Perhaps With Glock Pistol Give-away!)

*Please note: I try to add these extra classes to accommodate many of you needing them sooner than later. Therefore, some classes are subject to cancelation if I cannot get them filled. So, tell your friends, bring a family member, or do what you can to help fill the class. Thank you! -Edward

CCW Permit class:

We cover handgun safety, law, ethics, and liability.
You do NOT need a firearm for this class as we do not shoot.

Intro to Handguns:

We cover basic carry, use, and shooting of various handguns.
This class is basic and perfect for beginners.

Advanced Pistol:

We cover advanced shooting drills like moving, running, reloading, and use of cover all in combat situations.

*     *     *

We will walk you through the entire CCW Permit process. We begin with classroom instruction at The Tradesmen Gun Store in Rifle, Colorado. For the advanced classes, rental guns are available. Students provide their own ammunition. We also offer advanced, private, group, and family classes on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We can even teach and/or shoot at your home or facility if you wish. These 4-hour blocks are $100 per student, with a four student minimum. We also offer rentals and classes with fully-automatic machine-guns other high-tech gear.


After completing the class, take the certificate to your Sheriff. The fee is usually $100 for the permit and $52.50 for the CBI background check. They will take your picture and fingerprints and usually issue within 30 to 90 days. Renewals are $63 every 5 years. You may renew 120 days prior to expiration. There are approximately thirty states that honor a Colorado CCW Permit, including many of the states around us like Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Oklahoma, and Texas. Laws change frequently so check with area law enforcement agencies or websites like for more info. We can also build your government ATF / NFA electronic fingerprinting and digital .eft files if you need them. Getting your EFT file and electronic fingerprints is easy. We can build your digital fingerprints, photo, and EFT (Electronic Fingerprint Transmission) files here with our state of the art scanners.


Please be on time. Being late disrupts class and reflects poorly on you. You must be able to be attentive, responsible, and safe with a handgun around others. Do not bring any firearms or ammunition into the classroom portion of training. No consuming alcohol 12 hours prior to, or during class. (No alcohol in your system or on your breath.) No smoking and no chewing in the classroom or at the range. No vulgar, sexist, or racist language or behavior. Students that fail to meet these requirements will immediately be REMOVED FROM CLASS and forfeit their fees. We want a safe and proper learning environment.


Firearm must be safe, reliable, and appropriate for concealed carry. Sub-compact to standard-sized pistols or double-action revolvers with 6-inch barrels or shorter. 50 rounds of factory-loaded ammunition. (No derringers or over-sized handguns, no single-action revolvers, no reloaded ammunition.) If you have not yet chosen or purchased a handgun, we recommend that you wait until after class as we have examples that may help you make the best decision. Rental guns are available for $20. Students supply their own ammo.


Proper protection a must. Long pants, no shorts/skirts. No open-collar or low-cut shirts (especially with ladies) as ejected brass can fall in and burn. Most shooting/prescription/sunglasses are acceptable. Soft foam earplugs or over-the-ear hearing protection. Ball-caps help keep brass from face and eyes. Proper footwear, no sandals/flip-flops. No cell phone use during class except for on-call personnel. Snacks & drinks ARE allowed in class and at the range.
GLOCK / AR-15 Armory & Service Classes

These classes cover the complete and entire disassembly, service, and repair procedures for GLOCK pistols, and AR-15 type rifles. Students bring their own firearms (rentals/samples available if needed) and will learn everything necessary for full service and repair. Although you MAY bring your firearm into this class, you may NOT bring ANY ammo into the classroom. However, you MAY store your loaded personal-protection and concealed-carry firearms here in the store during instruction. Usually, each Glock Armory class includes a drawing for a FREE new Glock Pistol!
FREE to School Employees - Concealed Handgun Permit & School Safety Classes

During tragic and devastating times of school shootings (when fear and confusion understandably and inevitably follow) we offer FREE Concealed Handgun Permit & School Safety classes to any and all School Teachers & Staff. This class is free of any charge and is available to all public or private school employees including teachers, administrators, para professionals, aides, support, kitchen, custodial, etc. Not only will this class certify you to obtain your Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit which allows you to carry in more that 30 states across the US, we spend a portion of the class educating the teachers and staff on the elements and circumstances associated with school violence. We discuss AR-15 and AK-47 style rifles and various revolvers and pistols along with the capacity, range, lethality, penetration capabilities associated with each firearm and their associated ammunition. We teach about “cover & concealment” options. What can be “bullet-proof” and what can’t. In short, we teach you about the guns used, when to run, when to hide, and when to fight back in a way and at a time that increases your survivability and helps provide additional safety for you and our beloved children. We offer this class free of charge throughout the year and welcome entire schools and staffs to utilize us during employee meetings, training, and planning. We look forward to working with you.

Sincerely, Edward Wilks
Owner / Senior Instructor

Defensive Handgun Training

• Youth Training Classes

• Basic Handgun Safety

• Colorado Law & Liability

• Defensive Handgun Training

• Military & Law Enforcement Enhancement

• IDPC / Action Pistol / 3-Gun Prep Classes

Whether you carry a .380 micro pistol in your pocket, or a full-size Glock .40 MOS with optic... A vintage six-shot revolver or an FN Herstal 5.7 Pistol... a standard hunting rifle or a super-modern Class III AR-15 / M4 hybrid SBR in .300 Blackout with an Echo Trigger... we can help you buy it, build it, carry it, and shoot it!

Tactical Rifle & Machine-gun

• Children Classes

• 4H Youth Shooting Prep

• Basic Rifle Safety

• Advanced Tactical Rifle Training

• Devensive Rifle Tactics

• 3-Gun Prep Classes

• Machine-gun & Sub-gun Training

• Full Auto Rentals

They say it was Wyatt Earp that said, “No wise man ever took a handgun to a gunfight. That is why we say that my handgun is to shoot my way back to my rifle! Maybe you agree?

Tactical & Defensive Shotgun

• Youth Shotgun

• Basic Shotgun Shooting

• Defensive Shotgun in the Home

• Advanced Tactical Shotgun Training

• 3-Gun Prep Classes

These classes are some of our most fun training courses!

Call now! (970) 625-GUNS (4867)

If you would like to see some of our shooting and training videos, visit our YouTube channel at:

Trying to get good information regarding CCW/CHP permits along with Carry Concealed Weapons or Concealed Handgunpermits can be difficult.

There are some great organizations that offer additional information regarding reciprocity and carrying nation-wide. For example, here is a great map that USCCA put together that shows what states honor your permit.

Or, try this great site:

We can also help you with your CHP / CCW / ATF / NFA electronic fingerprinting and digital .eft files for permit applications or even for ATF Form 1 and Form 4 applications and paperwork. Do you need an EFT file? We can build your digital fingerprints, photo, and Electronic Fingerprint Transmission files here with our state of the art scanners.