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The Tradesmen Family

           The Tradesmen has been serving Colorado since 1993. Known for our low prices, great selection, and friendly customer service, we help our customers buy, sell, trade, and consign all types of firearms, equipment, and accessories including new, used, antique, and Class III / NFA firearms. With over 30 years of actual experience and knowledge, we offer a complete spectrum of firearms services and training including Concealed Weapons Permit classes, basic firearm safety, advanced and private instruction, machine-gun rentals, and even professional consulting and estate management. We can also provide you with Electronic Fingerprint Transmission / EFT files for ATF, NFA, and Class 3 applications and paperwork for Machine-Guns and Silencers. Let us help you get the information and equipment you need. Thank you for supporting our family business.  -Edward Wilks, Owner

Products & Equipment

We offer a variety of firearms, holsters, ammunition, and accessories.

Let us help you pick the best supplies and gear for you and your family.

Professional Training

A full spectrum of firearms training courses for men, women and children including private, group, organizational, basic, defensive, advanced, and concealed weapon permit classes.

We even offer Machine-Gun Rentals

Knowledge & Expertise

Service & Repair

Test & Evaluation

Full-Auto Rentals

Class 3 - NFA Dealer in Machine-guns & Silencers

Call now! (970) 625-GUNS (4867)

If you would like to see some of our shooting and training videos, visit our YouTube channel at:

Trying to get good information regarding CCW/CHP permits along with Carry Concealed Weapons or Concealed Handgun permits can be difficult. There are some great organizations that offer additional information regarding reciprocity and carrying nation-wide. For example, here is a great map that USCCA put together that shows what states honor your permit.

Or, try this great site:

We can also help you with your ATF / NFA electronic fingerprinting and digital .eft files for Form 1 and Form 4 applications and paperwork. Do you need an EFT file? We can build your digital fingerprints, photo, and Electronic Fingerprint Transmission files here with our state of the art scanners.