Edward Wilks - The Tradesmen Gun Store - 128 East 3rd Street Rifle CO 81650 Colorado - Advanced Combat Training

Edward Wilks - The Tradesmen Gun Store - 128 East 3rd Street Rifle CO 81650 Colorado - Advanced Combat Training


Gun Sales + Gun Prices

Are you looking for a specific firearm or part?  Our prices are lower than ANY other store... and this will prove it.

Whether you are looking for new, used, Class 3, or even internet transfers... we’ll help you get it for less!

Click HERE for just some of the guns we have in stock.

Many people check Gallery of Guns, also known as for the best price.  Enter ZIP Code, 81650 and search by
brand, caliber, model, etc.  They will list all guns stores up to 100 miles and show everyone's prices.  You will see that not only
is our price lower, so is our shipping and tax. Call me before you make a deposit... another distributor may have it on sale.

If they do not have what you need in stock... You can still find the price HERE at our on-line store-link.
(If needed, put in our VIP Code "745132" or use our ZIP "81650" and select The Tradesmen.)
Then, select "Gun Search" in the upper left and browse by brand or type.

A great place to find used or special guns or parts is on-line.
Find the gun that you want from any catalog, website, dealer, or individual.
Pay them as needed, forward them my FFL (license) and they will then ship directly to us.
After your firearm arrives and is ready, come in and complete a background check and pick it up.  It’s that easy.

Click HERE for a copy of our FFL.

Internet & Website / Deliveries & Transfers:
Same as above, find the gun or receiver you need on-line, we'll take delivery and transfer it for just twenty dollars.

Price Matching & Price Quotes:
After all this, if we still can't get you the gun you want fast enough, and another dealer has what you want but won't come down on their price...
Come by and we'll get you a written price quote so you can show them in the hopes that they will match our price.
We are here to help YOU however we can... even if we can't get you what you need right away.
We want to help you... and we really mean it!

-Edward Wilks, Owner

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