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Edward Wilks - The Tradesmen Gun Store - 128 East 3rd Street Rifle CO 81650 Colorado - Advanced Combat Training

Why is .22 Ammo So Hard to Find?

        Many customers come into my gun store and ask, "Why is .22 ammo so hard to find?" (Reason #3 makes them so angry!) As I share with them my personal thoughts and observation, I explain that I really have no way of proving how accurate or correct any of these reports are... or if it is in the correct order-of-importance... but they all ARE commonly-held beliefs of our day.  As we go through the list, they simply nod their head and say things like, “Yup.  I read that, too.” or “You don’t have to convince me.  I’ve known that for years.”  So, if you are going to continue to read this, you may want to go get your tinfoil hat... because it started when Obama won election in 2008, and this is what followed:

10.  A Whole New Spectrum of .22 Firearms

More than TWENTY manufactures created entire lines of firearms chambered in .22 Long Rifle.  You could now buy anything from an AR-15 or MP5 rifle... to a 1911 or Beretta 92 handgun... all chambered in .22 caliber.

9.  Saving Money
The economy went from bad to worse, so .22 was the only cartridge that people could really afford to shoot.  Where a box of 9mm was $10 - $13, and .45 was $15 - $20, people could buy a brick (500 rounds) of .22 ammo for anywhere between $9 to 12 dollars.

8. Millions of New Shooters
With Obama getting elected (and reelected) more and more people began to learn about and exercise their Second Amendment rights.  Most of those new and beginner shooters started with .22 firearms as they (and their ammo) were cheap and easy to shoot.  This added significantly to the demand.

7. Government Regulation
Obama’s EPA regulations shut down the largest lead smelting facility in the United States.  Less lead means fewer bullets.

6.  Production Focused Elsewhere
DHS, or, Department of Homeland Security, began buying center-fire ammunition by the billions.  Yes... that’s Billions... with a “B”.  That put rimfire ammo on the end of the production cycle for all bullet makers.  On a side note, the ammo that DHS was buying was NOT training rounds, but High-Power Hollow Point (citizen-killing) combat rounds.  This should send chills down your spine... and it certainly supports Reason #1 listed below.

5. Fear of Ban or Tax
Obama won the election... AGAIN... and the entire shooting world gasped in terror.  Obama said he wanted to tax and/or ban certain guns and ammo.  He told his cronies that he would have to wait until AFTER reelection to do it, but do it he would.  So, when he WAS reelected, everyone began wondering exactly how and when it would take place.  They began buying and stockpiling as much as they could...  and, the easiest thing to buy and stockpile in bulk is .22 Long Rifle.

4.  The Toilet Paper Effect
People, seeing .22 ammo getting harder and harder to find, and the price constantly increasing, began buying it whenever they saw it... even though they might not have needed it.  I call it “The Toilet Paper Effect.”  If you went into a store, and noticed that they only had ONE small package of toilet paper left, and the guy in the store said that they don’t know when they would be getting more in... even if it were your least favorite brand... you would definitely buy that last package.  I promise you... you will.  The same thing happened with .22 ammo.  If we COULD go into a gun store and see hundreds of boxes of .22 ammo on the shelves, we would relax and stop buying them.

3. Scalpers
People who are now unemployed literally camp out and wait at stores to buy as much as they can.  They then sell it little by little keeping supply low, and demand high.  This can be a tough one for some of us to accept because, on one hand, we don’t like that they are adding to the problem.  But on the other hand... this IS America and they should be defended in their freedom and liberty to participate in our capitalist system as they choose.  We also have to consider employees at various stores that either buy it for themselves, or call friends and family when it eventually is in stock.

2.  The Prepper Movement
As I add “Obama” and “prepper” to my spell-check dictionary, we watch millions of Americans awaken to their civic and patriotic duty.  We understand why so many of them are learning about the Constitution of the United States, our history, and even food storage, gardening, survival, shooting, hunting, and the like.  With this, comes the desire to store ammo as well as food, water, gold, and other supplies.  In our store, we use the expression: The 4 Precious Metals.  Gold and Silver, Steel and Lead.

1.  Molon Labe
Everybody knows there is going to be a fight.

(When I conclude with this last one, many of my customers and students simply tap on my counter with their finger and nod their head as they wink at me and walk away quietly.  However, some of them reveal their ethos in laconic, two-word statements such as: “Bring It!” or “Molon Labe!”  Esoteric, but resounding.)

*As they approached the Greeks at the Battle of Thermopylae, the Persian army yelled out, “Surrender Your Weapons!” to which King Leonidas replied, “Molon Labe!” which means “Come and take them!”  This simple statement has become a classic expression of defiance against tyranny.

-Edward Wilks, Owner & Chief Instructor
Tradesmen Gun Store & Advanced Combat Training
128 East 3rd Street, Rifle, CO 81650, (970) 625-GUNS

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